Instant Downtime Alerts

Multi-channel Notification

Free Public Status Pages

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Monitor your website’s availability. Get down alerts and status pages for free.

Reliable uptime & performance

Instant downtime alerts

Your website is the world’s gateway to your product and many
times the product is also a web service. We understand how
critical a downtime is.

Thats why, Freshping monitors your URL from 10 locations
around the globe ensuring that if your website ever goes down
again, you get alerted within 60 seconds.

Multi-Channel notification

Slack, Twilio, Email or old-school SMS? Whatever your type is,
we’ve got you covered. Receive downtime alerts on the go,
wherever you are with Freshping’s multi-channel integrations.

Also, You can choose to send customised notifications to
anywhere with Freshping webhooks.

Free public status pages

Customers value transparency. With status pages, allow
customers to view realtime status of your website/webservices.
They could also opt into real-time incident and recovery
notifications via Email.

Status pages also plays a major role in establishing reliability
with future prospective customers. Flaunt your 99.8% availability
to your leads.

Multi-user login

When the website is on fire, ensure business is back soon as
usual with your colleagues. With Multi-user login, 30 users can
receive instant downtime alerts & weekly reports.
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